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Maribumi Sdn. Bhd., a local Bumiputera company established in year 1991, with an aim to set new standards for quality benchmark in the telecommunication industry with the “Measure Twice, Cut Once” practices, we earned a proven tracks of speed and accuracy in the services provided renowned to the existing clients. The company achieved its MS ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in year 2006.

The heritage and tradition of 25 years in the business is showed boldly in the strength of its planning, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of Fibre Optic Cables for telecommunication purposes, and it’s civil and other structural construction accomplishments. Our aim is for continuous improvement and to expand further the telecommunication infrastructure development for better coverage of communication access including of the wireless broadband services in Sabah particularly at a highly demanded broadband capacity places such as corporate & business centres, shopping malls, schools, colleges and universities campuses, hotel resorts, oil and gas terminal, plantations and so forth.

In aligning to the demand for better mode of communication in Sabah and the experiences we have gained over the decades, we are venturing into the development of infrastructure of FTTX in supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of fibre cables and related accessories for passive infrastructure, that carry high-speed broadband services integrating voice, data and video, and runs directly to the junction box at a home or building. This opens the door to better Internet speed, streaming video, and other demanding applications.

The Internet utilizes a backbone of fibre optic cables capable of delivering incredible bandwidth. This inherent ability makes it a prime source for advancing network technologies that can be brought to the home or business. Fibre optic cable is more often being installed in newly built high rise building and landed houses as an added selling feature that raises the value of existing property.

This is in line with the initiated effort to boost up the supply of broadband services due to congested network and insufficient coverage signal strength, beside it also provides an alternative ways for subscribers to enjoy a better band with speed with more stability regardless of the weather condition and other disturbance. We aim to increase the number of FTTH location coverage including East Coast of Sabah.

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